Blog Notes: Schedule

I’m packing this up for the day, even though there are several good Doom Doom Doom posts I could do.

But I want to try to catch up on season four of Doctor Who.

Tomorrow, July 3rd, there will be some blogging. Probably reduced due to more Doctor Who viewing.

Friday, July 4th, no blogging is foreseen. (Probably no Doctor Who viewing, either!)

Saturday, July 5th, is still up in the air. Could go either way. I might just use the day to make sure I watch whatever is still to go of Doctor Who.

Sunday, July 6th, I really really want to blog the season four finale of Doctor Who. That depends if it’s been, um, delivered.

If it is — and I expect it will be — my post will probably be Full Of Spoiler. I’ll note that upfront and will place the spoilers behind a click. I’ll probably do what I did before on the Blogger backup blognot duplicate it there and instead refer people to the WordPress post.

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