Doctor Who: The Fires of Pompeii

I’ve decided to collect notes on each episode in a brief post to tie everything together for the season finale.

The screensnaps might look awful and there will be few of them because of the way I’m viewing the episodes.

Note: If you haven’t seen these episodes, do not click!

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Season four’s second episode: Yes, I’m still far behind!

“And you, Daughter of London: There is something on your back!”

“I can’t go back!”

But he does!

1) There is something on Donna Noble’s back. We don’t find this out until episode eleven, Turn Left.

2) The Shadow Proclamation is mentioned.

3) “She is coming back.”

4) The Pyrovile home planet is missing.

The Fires of Pompeii wikipedia entry

Yes, the everyday dialog between the Romans was trite and cliche. Yes, it made me wince. But I could see in retrospect that it was done on purpose. The contrast between it and the parts meant to be dramatic and ominous were made more striking. It sent chills down my spine when the two seers mentioned things they should not have known about The Doctor and Donna!

I can see that season four is all leading up to something big. I already suspect what is going to happen, so Davies is really going to have to pull out all the stops to surprise me. I hope he does.

More episodes tomorrow.

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