Warren Ellis At Chicago Con

Warren Ellis does one convention a year in the U.S.. This year it was at the Pretend City of Chicago.

He mentioned he did a magnificent live talk routine and I ran to YouTube to see if anyone captured at least some of it on video. Well, if they did, it’s not there yet. (My money is on no one getting video. This is not a slam on Ellis fans or comic book readers. It’s just a fact that people don’t understand this is all history that should be captured.)

What I did find were these bits from a multi-part video about the convention:

This guy looks like he’s wearing one of Warren’s tats on his forehead!

Read Warren Ellis’s memorable account of his convention adventure:

Tower Of Shaky Glee
On Shaking Hands
Chicago Signing Schedule
Chicago Day 1
Chicago Day 2
Chicago Day 42
A Good Day
Home Again, Clickety Click

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