Doctor Who: Planet Of The Ood

Note: If you haven’t seen these episodes, do not clickthrough!

Do NOT clickthrough if you are watching on Sci-Fi Channel’s delayed schedule!

I am running on the BBC schedule, which means I’ve already seen up to episode 12 of the 13 for season 4.

Lots of Spoiler ahead! Warning enough?

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Again: The screensnaps might look awful and there will be few of them because of the way I’m viewing the episodes.


Season four’s third episode. I hope to get two more in today.

4126: The Great and Bountiful Human Empire, stretching across three galaxies.

Based on enslavement of the Ood?


Donna: Back home, the papers and the telly, they keep saying we haven’t got long to live. Global warming, flooding, all the bees disappearing …

The Doctor: Yeeeaaaah … that thing about the bees is odd.

Donna hears the Song of Captivity of the Ood. It is unbearable for her.


Donna: It’s weird, being with you, I can’t tell what’s right and what’s wrong anymore.

The Doctor: It’s better that way. People who know for certain tend to be a Mr. Halpen.

The liberated Ood form a circle to sing.


Ood Sigma: We thank you, Doctor-Donna, friends of Oodkind. And what of you now? Will you stay? There is room in the song for you.

The Doctor: Oh … oh … I’ve sort of got a song of my own, thanks.

Ood Sigma: I think your song must end soon.

The Doctor (surprise and concern): Meaning?

Ood Sigma: Every song must end.

1) Oh, the bees are mentioned! A key plot point in episode 12!

2) Episode 12 also shows the Doctor’s song is ending.

I wonder if the Song of the Ood will be a factor in the season finale?

Planet of the Ood wikipedia entry

A bit heavy-handed and cliche. Oh hell. Very heavy-handed and cliche. The script could have used a big fat dose of subtlety as well as character depth. Instead, it was like a bad comic book — or a typical American TV episode. And there was room of subtlety and depth too: The Doctor’s search for the third element really took up too much screen time. It could have been cut down. In fact, it could have been better scripted.

I didn’t dislike the episode. It was engaging. It simply could have been better.

What’s this? Does wikipedia actually have an entry for season’s four finale? I must resist temptation!! (So should you!)

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