Hancock: WTF Was THAT?!

No no no no no no.

You do not have all those wonderful trailers and teasers on the Net setting us up for one thing and then pull a cliche rabbit out of the hat like that.

That was like inviting me into your home, grabbing me, and then sticking my head up someone’s ass.

If that was supposed to be an origin story setting us up for a Will Smith superhero series, it failed.

I don’t want to see any more.

And I won’t.

Not after what you lot just pulled.

If all of you out there reading these words haven’t seen it yet, don’t.

What could have been great was Hollywoodized into the usual crap.

Will Smith, however, was great.

But catch it on TV.

See, Hancock is exactly the reason why I don’t spend money on movies. They too often wind up being Cliched Suck.

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5 Comments on “Hancock: WTF Was THAT?!”

  1. George Says:

    Dude, what are you smoking? I don’t know what you were expecting, but Hancock was awesome. As far as Hollywood blockbusters go, Hancock was smart, well-acted, and had a great script. Unlike pretty much all other (crappy) superhero movies, there was actually character development and emotion. And the script and the internal logic of the movie made perfect sense. Why didn’t you like it? Not enough explosions or something?

  2. mikecane Says:

    >>>a cliche rabbit out of the hat like that.

    You haven’t been exposed to a lot of stories, have you? Or any *good* ones?

    >>>Not enough explosions or something?

    Yeah, right.


  3. Rich Says:

    I went to movespoiler.com website and read the basic storyline to Hancock. UGH! I think I will give it a pass.

  4. Mike, I appreciate your sentiments and I haven’t seen it yet but plan too.

    However, you never said what you didn’t like except that it was cliched. Was it the ending or beginning? Were you expecting something more like Iron Man or Hellboy?

    Cliched in what way?

  5. mikecane Says:

    >>>However, you never said what you didn’t like except that it was cliched.

    That’s right. Because I didn’t want to spoil it for people who haven’t seen it.

    Let me try to hint at it without spoiling it. The Suit mentality is this: If *one* is good, *two* must be better.


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