WordPress Inches Towards iPhone

They’ve updated their mobile interface. This is a screensnap WordPress has provided of it being used on the iPhone:

Contrast that to the screensnaps I published here: HOWTO: WordPress Posts From An iPhone/iPod Touch.


Me, I want an iPhone version of BlogDesk. I’d rather get everything right offline and then ship it up in one swoop.

What’s interesting is that WordPress’s bete noir, SixApart, feels the need to create software for the iPhone for its TypePad blogging platform.

WordPress still lacks that urgency.

I wonder why?

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4 Comments on “WordPress Inches Towards iPhone”

  1. nimbus Says:

    It’s “bete noire” muthafucka.

  2. mikecane Says:

    It was bait to lure you.

    It worked.

    I knew you’d use a fake name, you psycho.

    Where are all those ACCESS phones, huh?

  3. nimbus Says:

    What are you talking about? ACCESS phones? What are you smokin’?

    Anyway, you need to talk about the iPod Air or whatever it’s called. Those ideas of yours were the most interesting I’ve seen on the web. The main reason I come here.

  4. iphones Says:

    oh man, that is one ugly interface. I hope they improve this.

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