I Really Have No Frikkin Idea

But I admire the audacity.

All the rest is a quote from an email (which in all of its excitement leaves out this important URL, duh):

WooWoo! Watch your backs for the thieving mind control cult of Tamoggemon!

The evil empire led by Tam Hanna the 1st and his slave Johnnis the 5th proudly announce their intentions to celebrate the two biggest mind control cult founders of the 20th century by announcing the immediate availability of two mystery products for Palm OS.

LRon and Sigmund are available from Tamoggemon Customer Care for 9.95$ each. Like with a Rorschach test or an OT level, no information is made available to the public about what the packages actually contain. However, neither of the products has been available for sale before.

Additionally, the evil empire looks for peons willing to betatest its new products. People who use chat protocols like IRC or like typing games are here as requested to contact Tamoggemon Customer Care immediately via (Tamog AT gmx DOT at). As we are not a Russian cult, free licenses are will magically appear in the minds of our testers after the testing process is complete!

As usual, no warranties are given regarding the subconscious effects of the products. Keep an eye on the Claucig-shaped dirt bags, chant “so-ein-schwein” and … aaah, we don’t really care.

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