The Final Internet Words Of Writer Thomas M. Disch

I’ve lifted it whole from his final LiveJournal entry:

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
10:16 am

Inflation/ Starvation/ Fun

Short of succumbing to the madness of anorexia, I doubt I am likely to experience actual starvation before I die. Nor, I’d bet, will most of those who visit this site. But I’d also bet that most of us have felt the pinch of inflation in our daily diet. I remember the rapid evolution of low-cost middle-class A & P into up-scale, twice-the-price Food Emporium with no practical difference except the prices and the phasing out of cooking staples, a process still barely begun in most supermarkets. The eventual goal is shelves stocked only with bachelor commodities–breadfast cereal, frozen entrees for dieters, and bellywash in small bottles. Cooking gas will be rationed in winter as people try to heat their urban apartments with their ovens. Etc.

I’m curious as to where we are on that scale now. How has your own diet been affected? I had sticker shock this week when I found that a “low-cost” lunch has climbed from $5 to $10/15 in just the last couple years. The Tv advertises a $5 slice of pizza as a bargain. I don’t see how teens can get by unless they are dealing drugs or balling for dollars.

But that’s just me. Maybe there have been no changes in your part of Omaha at all. Just curious.

And then he was dead, just two days later.

You money-grubbing bastards will pay for this.

The exchanges have records of your greed-fueled commodity speculations.

You are known.

To quote Raymond Massey from Action in the North Atlantic:

We’ll hunt you down a cut you like a piece of cheese!

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