They’d Just Shoot Me!

Russian blogger sentenced for “extremist” post

A Russian man who described local police as “scum” in an Internet posting was given a suspended jail sentence on Monday for extremism, prompting bloggers to warn of a crackdown on free speech online.

Savva Terentiev, a 28-year-old musician from Syktyvkar, 1,515 kilometres (940 miles) north of Moscow, wrote in a blog last year that the police force should be cleaned up by ceremonially burning officers twice a day in a town square.

We could use that method here in the U.S. too, to some good effect!

Sooner or later the jackboots of the Police State will crash down my door.

I want all of you to understand something perfectly clearly: I am not the kind of person who would ever, ever commit suicide.

I have too much spite in me to do that!

So no matter how they set it up to make it appear, it would be a murder.

Just like with him. Suicide via two shots to the head? Puhleeze!

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