Hey, Veoh: Knock It Off!


Veoh is an online video service that I love. I’ve written about it and mentioned it several times in this blog (see Previously here at end of this post) and I’ve also left Comments at other places recommending it.

Ironically, the one post I did on July 4th was a video from Veoh.

I happened to come across it soon after it was posted and it suited the sentiment of the day perfectly.

After posting it, I went back to Veoh and left a Comment, with a link back to the post.

The Comment basically said something like, “Thanks. I’ve posted that on my blog,” and then the link.

Soon after that, the creator of the video informed me that my Comment had been removed.

I went back to Veoh, saw that was the case, and left another Comment with a link back to the post here, telling Veoh I was keeping an eye on them and if they deleted that Comment, I’d damn well blog about it. Here’s the exact post:

Thanks for this! I posted it on my blog: https://mikecane2008.wordpress.com/2008/07/04/the-police-state-has-an-anthem/
(and, Veoh, I’m watching you. Do NOT delete THIS comment again or I will post on my blog about THAT!)

So here we are.

So what exactly is going on here, Veoh? What’s the problem with that Comment? With either of them?

1) Don’t tell me you don’t allow Comments with outside links. You’re not dealing with a maroon here. I’ve used your service for about a year and I know what the hell are in Comments, OK?

2) Don’t tell me you don’t like the sentiment of my post. Tough shit. It’s my blog, not yours.

3) Don’t think you’re invulnerable. You’re not. There were other video services that started the same time yours did. Some of them are fading away. That can happen to you too if Internet sentiment turns against you. Do you want me to start turning Internet sentiment against you? I don’t think you want that pile of shit at your doorstep. Why not give a call to Nokia and see the shit they’re still dealing with from me?

4) Don’t wave your TOS at me. I know where the bodies are buried in your service. You understand what I mean by that too. Your feet are clay. Your audience can move away quickly, just as the one at Stage6 did.

Now, Veoh, everyone will be waiting for a follow-up post about this. So formulate a proper response to cool everything down.

And hey, Veoh, listen up: This blog is going out in stereo.

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