Video: MSI Wind And Gigabyte M528 MID

Liliputing is reporting that the MSI Wind will ship with a three-cell battery until at least September. That’s right. Anyone who wants a six-cell battery will have to wait until then or buy the three-cell edition now and bite the bullet for the extra cost of a six-cell battery later.

That is major suckage.

Meanwhile, this video is a new one that highlights that Gigabyte M528 MID that impressed me when I first heard about it months ago. Still no real word on its price. It too won’t appear until September. The hardware is still very compelling.


But I’d like to strip off the Linux and get XP on there. I’m not sure if that’s even possible for full use. UMPC Fever tried it and it needs several drivers:

aigo MID Unboxing Part 3 – Windows XP SP3

Previously here:

aigo/Gigabyte M528 MID: First Review
CeBIT 2008: An Exciting MID Shown

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