Southern NYC iDay 2007 In 56 Photos!

With iDay 2008 arriving this Friday for the iPhone 3G, I thought it was finally time to dig through my many many CD-Rs to find the pictures I took during June 2007’s iDay.

Most of these photos have been rescaled to 640×480 and are clickable to enlarge to that size. Those are the smaller photos. The larger ones are 440-wide and stay that way. Very few are cropped.

This is how iDay began for me:

I was watching live streaming video by that madman Scoble from the line outside the Apple Store in Palo Alto, California in the left window and monitoring Twitter chatter about iDay via Twittervision in the right window!

Approaching the AT&T Store on Water Street at the southern tip of Manhattan.

She didn’t want her face photographed. Can you blame her? But her price was cheap!

Showing the length of the line …

… and that’s the end of it. Fewer than 100 people.

Meanwhile, they were busy inside that AT&T Store getting ready:

Then I went to the AT&T Store on Broadway, opposite City Hall:

She didn’t want her face photographed, either!

The now-iconic AT&T iPhone promo poster. Probably a big collector’s item twenty years hence.

He didn’t want his face photographed either!

Showing the length of the line. Maybe fifty people total …

… with a brief commercial interruption from someone shilling the line.

Next up: The Apple Soho Store!

Approaching it.

Ah! Sanctuary!

A crowd out front …

… taking pictures of the crowd out front! How recursive!

No one was being let in yet!

The original window display.

Just before the start of the line …

… which — watch this! — stretches all the way down …

… this l-o-n-g block …

.. and then wraps around …

… onto Houston Street …

… a-l-l the way down …

… to that corner and then …

… it turns and …

… goes down halfway that side of the block!

The doors open!

People start going in!

Everyone photographs the whole thing.

I. Have. No. Frikkin. Idea.

The first victorious buyer!

Still him.

The second champ. Both from a charity.

A selection of iPhone bags being carried away …

Check out the people standing on line on the second-level glass floor!

One of the victorious!

Another pair.

Check him out: two iPhones and he held onto his chair!

The iPhone magician! I bugged him …

… to hold my LifeDrive next to the iPhone! He got annoyed.

His was the first-in-the-wild iPhone anyone saw …

… and it had a shaver …

… and an X-ray feature! Are those now in the 3G too?!!?

Look at what the people waiting on line …

… left behind! Geez!

Where the iLine officially iStarted!

I’m finally in just a little over an hour since that line started going in!

I haz iPhone in my hand!!!

iPhone versus LifeDrive. LifeDrive = FAIL! iPhone = WIN!

And that was how iDay 2007 went. Will iDay 2008 be anything like it?

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6 Comments on “Southern NYC iDay 2007 In 56 Photos!”

  1. selftappingscrewkit Says:

    Why Mike Cane I do believe I saw you in one of the pictures !!!!

    at last !! caught in a reflection !!!

    woohoo !

  2. mikecane Says:

    You’re hallucinating. I leave no reflections.

  3. you would think !! but nope i see you !!!

    its the one where you ask the Imagician to hold both fones !!!

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!

    now get out of that one !!

  4. mikecane Says:

    That’s someone next to me taking a photo too. You think I was the only one?

  5. hmmmm !! i do not know what to believe !!

    im polished this euro up for you !! i may present it to you !! hahahahah

  6. mikecane Says:

    Good god! Bamford has sent his spy to infiltrate my blog! The man has no shame nor scruples!!

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