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First From The Gate Isn’t Necessarily Best…

No, what I am most looking forward to is the day that the iPhone Firmware 2.0 is released and the AppStore comes online. The 3G iPhone is nice. The 2.0 Firmware and the AppStore are HUGE!

When the applications begin to flow they will transform the iPhone and the iPod Touch into almost entirely new devices. Their power and use will be limited only by the creativity of the developers (and, of course, the good graces of Steve and Co.)

Dimitri and I started this blog because we truly believe that the Apple-sanctioned 3rd party applications coming to the iPhone will change the face of mobile computing as we know it. That will be the revolution. The 3G iPhone is the icing.


Pocket Informant by WebIS: Interview with Founder Alex Kac

How does the iPhone development environment compare to other the other platforms with which you have previously worked? Did you port the existing application code or write for the iPhone specifically?

We don’t port apps. Porting is the wrong thing to do. Realizing that the devices are completely different in terms of interface, we had to consider the hardware, interface options, etc. We looked at the main features in Pocket Informant over the last 8 years, and we looked at the database environment, and we decided which features make the most sense on the iPhone.

WinMob freaks kept telling me — when my Toshiba GENIO was still among the tech living — Pocket Informant was “just like Palm” for WinMob. No, it wasn’t. So it will be very interesting to see what it’s like on the iPhone.


You Want Native iPhone Games? Check Out… FlipSide5 and Founder Michael Sanford

Rather than merely port games form other platforms to the iPhone, Michael wanted to create his games FOR the iPhone from the ground up, so as to take maximum advantage of the device’s unique abilities.

For example, while 4InARow touch can be played as a single-user experience, it is also possible to compete with someone else over EDGE, WiFi or 3G. They can be next door or around the world. So long as there is a data connection, distance is irrelevant. The iPhone location feature will tell you which country your competitor is located.

In addition, you can send predetermined instant messages to your competitor’s iPhone (everything from “Why are you doing this to me?” to “Hello, I’m a Mac”). And, if your competitor uses a different language, the message will show up on his/her screen in her native tongue.

Moreover, turn the iPhone upside-down, and the accelerometer causes the game pieces to fall out of the “game board”. (Try doing that with a Treo.)

Wow, wow, wow! All of that is just so damned great!!

There’s also some interesting noise about ebooks on the iPhone:

eBooks iPhone-Style With ZappTek’s Legends

I’ve cycled through a number of dedicated eReaders. I had the original Sony Reader. I used a Kindle for a week before returning it. And I currently have a SonyReader PRS-505.

It looks like a web app, but still interesting.

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