Why Doesn’t NYC Have This?

Local government payroll: Search and report

As I’ve mentioned here before, payroll databases are key government records for watchdogs and beat reporters. Much like budgets, these salary lists can help spot trends, identify excesses and highlight an organization’s priorities.

We’ve used this public information internally in recent years to spotlight high overtime at the Houston Police Department and document teachers’ bonuses the Houston Independent School District. Now, we’re turning over all the data to you.

Chron.com has launched a new database with 2007 actual payroll totals for more than 81,000 employees in several of Houston’s largest public institutions.

We’ve spent weeks compiling this information under the Texas Public Information Act from the City of Houston, Harris County, HISD, Houston Community College, the Harris County Department of Education, the Port of Houston Authority and the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Emphasis added by me.

Why hasn’t The New York Times, NY Daily News, or NY Post done this?

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2 Comments on “Why Doesn’t NYC Have This?”

  1. Because Houston is much farther advanced than NYC.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Show me the pictures of your subway!

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