The iPhone App Store In Five Fast Steps!

You’ll need iTunes 7.7.

UPDATE: Go away! The App Store is now open! All you need is iTunes 7.7.

Step One:
So go to Apple and manually download it (Apple Software Update and iTunes’ own Check for Updates can’t see it!):

Step Two:
Then launch it to see the home page:

Click = big

Step Three:
Hey! No stinkin’ App Store! But wait! In the Search box, type “jott” (no quotes) and hit Enter:

Step Four:
Notice no App Store yet, but click on that Jott app to see this:

Step Five:
My God! It says App Store!!1 Click on it to get to the App Store:

Click = big

Now have some paper handy to tally up what all the goodies will cost you!!

There might be an official way, but I’m not seeing any App Store with my iTunes yet, so I came up with this.

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One Comment on “The iPhone App Store In Five Fast Steps!”

  1. You’re right about the paper to tally up the total … already near $100 and it’s only Day One. :)

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