Calling Alan Glynn!

In 2002, an extraordinary novel was published called The Dark Fields, written by Alan Glynn.

It was so damned good, that I have entire long sections of it scanned into my PDA (from then Sony CLIE S320 to now LifeDrive).

I keep returning to those sections again and again because they are just so astonishing.

Glynn apparently did a reading at Partners & Crime in New York City when the book came out in the U.S.. I missed that. But one of the staff there told me something that has been driving me mad all these years.

Glynn was working on a second novel.

The subject was to be intuition.

Every time I’ve been to that bookstore, I’ve asked if there’s any word about Glynn’s second novel.

I’ve scoured the Internet every few months trying to find Glynn’s presence.

I just did so again today and discovered — OMFG! — there is a Dark Fields movie that’s actually going into production!

All that is great but still: Where is that second novel?!!!?

This is Alan Glynn. If you live in Dublin, print out this post and tape it to his door!

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3 Comments on “Calling Alan Glynn!”

  1. Richard Says:

    Absolutely concur. This is one of the better books I’ve read in the past ten years, certainly the best in its genre (near-future-urban-proto-thriller-science-fiction?), and it kills me that he hasn’t written anything else yet. I think I’ll go re-read the book now. . .

    Was initially happy to hear someone’s putting this into production — thank you for the news — but how could they cast Shia Labeouf of all people? And why would anyone hire the screenwriter Leslie Dixon — responsible for The Thomas Crown Affair and Just like Heaven and Freaky Friday and Look Who’s Talking Now and Overboard and Pay It Forward — ever? For anything? Now I’m worried.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Ah, you missed the latest post:

    Includes a link from the Miramax reader who explains why Dixon did the script.

  3. mikecane Says:

    And the Miramax reader just left a Comment at the Blogger backup blog too:

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