iDay 2008 +2 = Still Lines!

Photos taken this morning, Sunday July 13, 2008 with the Philips crapcam.

Once again my quest to fondle the iPhone 3G was thwarted!

This is 9:15 this morning at the Apple Store in Soho — one hundred and fifty people on line!!

Approaching the Soho Store. WTF? Not again!!

Oh yes. Again!

And it goes around the corner — just like yesterday!

And uppppp the long block again.

This time stopping at the halfway point.

The view from the end of the line!

How the line stretches to the corner!

I again gave up. Today was different at the AT&T Store at Spring Street. No line:

But at the AT&T Store opposite City Hall — which I missed yesterday (I crossed too soon to go to J&R) — there were already people on line before 9AM when I first passed by. This for a store that opens at 11!

They were still there at 9:40, when these two pictures were taken.

I wonder how many of them waited for the iPhone to get 3G? I wonder how many are buying their first smartphone? (Shut up, you doubters; it’s the smartest phone out there!)

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