Video: Smart Car

Note to self: For future video compilations, use the search term “Smart fortwo.”

Smart Car sighting

New Smart Car

AutoFocus test drive – Micro Smart Car for the U.S.

smart fortwo on MotorWeek

driving a smart car

smart car crash

Ugh. This makes me sick. I wish they’d put a crash dummy in it. You’d have seen the legs vaporized.

Crash Test: 2008 Smart Car ForTwo

Here they have a dummy. But they don’t show the legs!

Previously here:

Photo Album: Smart Car In Manhattan Again!
Photo Album: Smart Car In Manhattan
Cars Of The Future: Lose Weight Or You’ll Walk!

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2 Comments on “Video: Smart Car”

  1. ramin Says:

    I’ve always liked the Smart, but I’m holding out for the Think Electric:

  2. mikecane Says:

    The OX?!! They are calling it the OX?! They’ve never heard the phrase “Dumb as an ox.”?!!? (No, don’t tell me it’s the Zero-X! Gerry Anderson can sue! Besides, people will pronounce it “Ox,” just as I keep saying “OS X” instead of “OS Ten” whenever I see “OSX.”)

    Wait — EUR25,000? That’s at least tiwce the cost of a Smart at current rates. Ouch.

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