Ominous Rumors

One is what I’ve been saying myself all along.

The second one is new and never occurred to me. A major American manufacturer might shut down and furlough all production employees for four months.

Since most Americans — which excludes the techmemers — are close to living from paycheck-to-paycheck (hell, over paycheck-to-paycheck, if you look at credit card debt!), missing four months of mortgage payments, utility payments, insurance payments, union dues, credit card payments, etc, would be a massive punch in the head to them and to the entire economy.

If these things come to pass, as I wrote earlier:

Get used to hearing that phrase — I never thought I would see anything like this in my life — because you’ll be hearing it over and over again. Some of you will be saying it!

Preserve your cash.

Where is your money today?

And while there is still a chance, educate yourself!

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