Bank Collapse Watch: Contestant List #2

As I update these lists in the future, they’ll have the same post title but an updated number.

This post is an update of this one.

The contestants (in no particular order, alphabetical or assetical):

01) Washington Mutual Inc.
02) National City Corp.
03) Zions Bancorporation
04) SunTrust Banks Inc.
05) Comerica Inc.
06) Bank of America Corp.
07) M&T Bank Corp.
08) Wachovia Corp.
09) Colorado Federal Savings Bank
10) Eastern Savings Bank, FSB
11) Integrity Bank
12) Ameribank, Inc.
13) First Priority Bank
14) First Security National Bank
15) Magnet Bank
16) Security Pacific Bank
17) First National Bank of Brookfield
18) The State Bank of Lebo

The latest entries come from Who’s Next? List of Troubled Banks Worries Wall Street, DC from ABC News.

The list has doubled in length since I first compiled it.

File that under Not Good.

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7 Comments on “Bank Collapse Watch: Contestant List #2”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Nice list, I put together a top five list of possibilities. I’m surprised you have BAC as a collapse possibility. Bankrupt? I think they will get even more of a hit, but they should have enough capital. WaMu could be a very different story though.

  2. mikecane Says:

    *I* don’t have anyone as a collapse possibility. I’m simply compiling a list from mentions I’ve come across. Aside from ABC News, who else has?

    I don’t see any URLs citing your sources.

  3. Hey dumbass, you provide no data for your list and you’ve added more names. So you’re increasing your odds if another bank fails. Maybe for your next list you can place 15 MLB teams on it and make people guess if any of them will win a game over the remaining season.

  4. mikecane Says:

    Dear Reading-Impaired Eejit who claims to be Not Mike Cane:

    You are on this thing called the Internet. I know it’s all a new concept for you, but try hard to concentrate.


    See those two ORANGE THINGS in there at the beginning and the end? Those are called LINKS. You CLICK on those and you can reach the SOURCES of the information.

    Is that fucking fantastic and mind-blowing or what?

    Welcome to the 21st Century. I hope you enjoy your stay.

  5. Peter Says:

    Dude you are a freaking idiot; not only do you not back up your sources properly but you don’t even have a remotely working clue on security valuation much less how banks work. Your crappy link to an ambiguous article by ABC news is not sources dip-shit, its a blogger’s lame attempt to act like he knows what he is talking about- get a clue. And the information about the “texas ratio” is bs; 1980s were totally different not to mention that TR is a hypothetical view of a few events, so you can’t use that as a basis of your analysis. Go get a CFA certification or a Ph.D. in finance or economics before you start blogging shit…Here is my list:

    Top 15 clueless morons taking about shit they have no clue on the internet:
    1. mike cane
    2. mike cane
    3. mike cane
    4. mike cane
    5. mike cane
    6. mike cane
    7. mike cane
    8. mike cane
    9. mike cane
    10. mike cane
    11. mike cane
    12. mike cane
    13. mike cane
    14. mike cane
    15. mike cane

    Get a clue you punk!

  6. mikecane Says:

    Yet I’m certain you’ll come back to read the next list. And then bitch about it too!

  7. barkingtribe Says:

    If you’re keeping a list Mke, try adding Corus, and Downey. They’ve got farily parabolic (in banking terms..) NPA and not so good texas ratio’s.

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