Google Uses The iPhone As An Android Testbed

Google Mobile App for iPhone

Look at that video.

Now tell me the difference between what’s on the iPhone and what’s expected on an Android phone.

There’s little difference (let’s not argue UI; I’m taking capability.)

Very clever, Google.

Put it out for the iPhone to see how it works, collect data on how people use it, refine everything for the later Android versions.

Eventually put more features in the Android version, discontinue the iPhone version, and all those Google junkies flock to Android phones.

All part of that infiltration program I earlier accused you of having.

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4 Comments on “Google Uses The iPhone As An Android Testbed”

  1. Umm, that IS running on an iPhone.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Reading comprehension fail, Fiend Kendrick! Try again.

  3. nimbus Says:

    I don’t know why someone would use it. I mean, I’d rather use Google in Safari than having a Google app cluttering my iPhone. I could see if it had offline Google Docs and such.

  4. […] But why should this be news? I revealed Google’s strategy back in 2008 — Google Uses The iPhone As An Android Testbed […]

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