Read Nathan Singer — Like A Thief!

That’s right. For FREE. Not even public library free — where at least one copy of a book was purchased. This is Free free. As in Let Me Take It From You With No Payment Free.

You see, even though his publisher has not seen fit to release any of his work in an ebook for which I — and everyone else — can buy for money (so Nathan can do silly things like pay rent and be financially encouraged to write more), the entire frikkin novel of Chasing the Wolf is online for no payment to Nathan Singer via Google Book Search!

How effed-up is that?!

Click = big

Click = big

No, I won’t provide a link.

So, the book’s printer made a profit, the supplier of the paper made a profit, the supplier of ink made a profit, the book’s shippers made a profit — and Nathan Singer gets what?!

This makes me sick and I find it outrageous.

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