Fugly MINI Cooper Vs. Cutie Smart Fortwo

What is that thing on the left? It looks like a squashed waterbug! That’s a car?! For real?! People sit that low to drive? Without feeling threatened?! Really?! I don’t think a human being can do that without a good tranquilizer!

Now look at that on the right. It’s a Work of Art! Art! You don’t drive such a thing. You experience it. You sit high up, proud and confident that eighteen-wheelers will feel chastised and slink out of the way because, dammit, Art is approaching! People watch you go by and feel self-pity that their lives have to go on in numb deprivation while you drive by in styyyyyyle. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

All this to tweak the nose of someone I know who owns a MINI Cooper and to rip-off a photo from Gear Diary as vicious, petty revenge for not linking to any of my Smart car posts in their report: MINI Cooper and smart fortwo – good things come in small packages

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2 Comments on “Fugly MINI Cooper Vs. Cutie Smart Fortwo”

  1. Oh my! Says:

    Mike Mike Mike !!

    How can you say these words “You sit high up, proud and confident ”

    I would be shrugging under the dash board!! that car is an embarassment !!!

    Now the Mini Cooper classic oldskool now we are talking !!! Not that new fangled remixed one !! I dont like… same as the VW beetle remix !! ohh we will put a flower on the dash for the LADIES !! omgz !!

    im shaking my head at that that smart car !! beamer !!

  2. mikecane Says:

    Mini Cooper = 19th Century
    Smart car = 21st Century

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