Ouch! J&R News About Asus And MSI Wind

J&R’s website is listing some painful prices.

The Asus 901 is $599.99.

The Asus 1000 is $649.00-$699.00.

The MSI Wind is $549.00.

But some possible good news: The 900 seems to have dropped to $399.00!

My head spins.

Here are the individual listings as links:

Asus 900
ASUS EEEPC900-W047 Eee PC 900 8.9” Notebook – Pearl White – $399.00
ASUS EEEPC900-BK041 Eee PC 900 8.9” Notebook – Galaxy Black – $399.00
ASUS EEEPC901-BK001 Eee PC 901 8.9” Notebook – Fine Ebony – $549.00 -$100.00 rebate
ASUS Eee PC 900X 8.9” Sub-Notebook – $549.00 -$100.00 rebate
ASUS Eee PC 900L 8.9” Sub-Notebook – $539.00 -$100.00 rebate

Asus 901
ASUS EEEPC901-W003X Eee PC 901 8.9” Notebook – Pearl White – $599.00
ASUS EEEPC901-BK002X Eee PC 901 8.9” Notebook – Fine Ebony – $599.00
ASUS EEEPC901-W001 Eee PC 901 8.9” Notebook – Pearl White – $599.00

Asus 1000
ASUS EEEPC1000H-BK009X Eee PC 1000 10” Notebook – Fine Ebony – $649.00
ASUS EEEPC1000-BK003 Eee PC 1000 10″ Notebook – Fine Ebony – $699.00
ASUS EEEPC1000-W004 Eee PC 1000 10” Notebook – Pearl White – $699.00

MSI Wind
MSI Microstar U100039LA Wind U100 10” Notebook – Romantic Pink – $549.00

My eyes are bleary and all these frikkin tabs look alike, so double-check if you’re interested.

Ah well, that’s this Saturday’s fondle line-up (maybe the MSI Wind will be in-store by then!).

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3 Comments on “Ouch! J&R News About Asus And MSI Wind”

  1. KoKo Says:

    Eee 900 – tiny, with unusable keyboard.

    Eee 901 – unusable keyboard, but longer battery life, b/c Atom CPU. So you can fail to touch-type longer.

    Eee 1000 – bigger keyboard, and screen, making it a close match to the Wind, but $100-$150 more expensive. Pointless.

    So the Wind still wins, unless you want an impractically small laptop like the 900.

    Now the 903/904 (to be called the 901A or some shee-at) will have the bigger keyboard but will keep the smaller screen. But it isn’t for sale yet. And who knows if it will match the Wind for price? (It should be lower, because it has a smaller screen than the Wind.)

    Asus really needs to work on the prices or MSI will steal their thunder.

  2. bostonirishguy13 Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Ran across this blog when searching for the Eee a while back, and have seen your posts on other “gadget” blogs. I just picked up a black MSI Wind from eBay. It’s arriving today. I also own a black Eee 901, HP Mini-Note, MacBook Air, and Sony TZ150. I’ve also owned the Eee 701. I’ll be happy to compare and give my thoughts.

  3. mikecane Says:

    Yes, well, there is that keyboard. However, people who have used something like the smaller of the Stowaway keyboards can probably then use the one on the Asus fine. Warren Ellis just got a 901 and says just that here:

    Me, I think I’d have to really adjust to using it. I really do prefer a keyboard that serendipitously has key spacing that makes it seems it “knows” where my fingers are most likely to land. The MacBook has that distinction. It’s rare than keyboards do. (Not even mu desktop keyboard does that!)

    In a pinch, the 901 can have a hard drive transplanted into it. I meant to include the JKK video about that, and will do a post shortly with it.

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