Peer At The Naked Face Of Evil If You Dare!

A man of such malevolence, so unrelenting in his cruelty, so blasphemous in exhibiting his pleasure, so unspeakable in the way he speaks!

No, not him!

He’s an amateur compared to this villain!

Arch Tech Fiend James Kendrick!!!

Observe the smugness in that face! See how it haughtily proclaims to the entire world: I have an iPhone 3G!

Look into those eyes! No, don’t! It is said that he has the power to transhypnotize people over the Internetz and make them do his evil bidding!

There he is openly bragging about the latest model of brain implants his lab has developed. They go under the code name of “earphones!”

Look at how he mocks Steve Jobs! I know for a fact he didn’t wash that hand after touching his unholy HTC Advantage! How unclean is that?!

If you think you can stand it — but pray I say not! — you can witness his latest bulletin for world conquerage here.

Fools! Stay away! Stay awaaaaay!

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2 Comments on “Peer At The Naked Face Of Evil If You Dare!”

  1. You have been assimilated….

  2. mikecane Says:

    My god, James! You’ve become too fiendish to recognize the truth! You have seen the Light! Your soul has been redeemed by dumping that Crackberry for the iPhone 3G! HA!

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