More Smart Car Videos

I’m indulging my latest obsession. Since I’ve already put a bunch of vids in the blog today, these will appear after the clickthrough (and will not appear at the Blogger backup blog).

Note: I don’t own one. (Fingers crossed: yet.)

My Smart Car

My Smart Car 2

My Smart Car 3

The New Driver’s Seat – Smart Car vs. Hummer

banned commercial Smart car

smart Car Pick-up

Delivery – 2008 smart fortwo

That red interior is killah!

2008 Smart ForTwo/ Quick Drive

Fifth Gear: How comfortable is a smart fortwo?

smart fortwo Part 1: Design

smart fortwo Part 2: Interior

smart fortwo Part 3: Performance?

And … awwwww … a love song for the Smart!!

Smart fortwo Song

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