Reference: Create iPhone Ringtones

Whoa! This is just soooo great. I have a ton of thoughts for ringtones I’d like: the announcement trumpets of the Village from The Prisoner; Zelda’s laugh from Terrahawks; some sections from Barry Gray’s Space:1999 theme. This software will make all of that possible! Free self-made ringtones!

iRinger – Create/Edit Free iPhone Ringtones (v2.2)

— swiped from Gear Diary, who swiped it from others (so there, nyah!)

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One Comment on “Reference: Create iPhone Ringtones”

  1. Thiago Korsakoff Says:

    Hello! Nice post!
    Well, I think ringtones in MP3 is almost a “must have” in any mobile. A site with good variety of ringtones in MP3, I always use is:
    There usually find ringtones of all genres, from well known artists and a lot of new people too, and some funny ringtones!
    Well, here is my tip.

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