A Death In The Family

Just not mine! Hahahahaha.

Via email (typos intact):

My name is ruth benemesia,a seasoned banker with oceanic bank and the asst. branch manager of many years.I discovered a large sums of money about $9.5million lying that belonged on discovery to one of our late client who died in an auto crash with his entire family two years ago,i have just contacted the account officer who told me that she has tried severaly to get any link to finding any close relation of the deceased to come forward for the money for months now but have not gotten any link and has given up on it.

I am contacting you because of the similarity in your surname,hes name is ENGR E CANE and since you share same surname it will be easier to get you as the next of kin.

I am ready to let you have 40% of the money and another 5% for any incurred cost in all.

Hoping to hear from you.

Ruth Benemesia

Wait. I just checked the vast Cane Family Tree. Distant Cousin Engr!!! OMGZZZ!!!

I can haz riches!!!

Dear Cousin Engr as a child. So he was hairy! He outgrew it.

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