MSI Wind: Fire Hazard?!


Oh…NO!! MSI Wind U100 got burnt

Taiwan folk got MSI Wind U1000 burnt when watching video with power cable plugged for 5 min.

Five minutes.

Not five hours.

Five minutes!

There are two frightening pictures at the link.

This does not inspire confidence in me.

Would I feel safe keeping it plugged in overnight to recharge the battery?

Hell no!!

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2 Comments on “MSI Wind: Fire Hazard?!”

  1. bostonirishguy13 Says:

    I’ve had mine plugged in for extended periods without any issues… so far. lol

  2. mikecane Says:

    Man, I hope theirs had some sort of defect. That is just too scary to contemplate. MSI should swap theirs out for new unit so they can examine it and see what happened.

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