Neil Gaiman: Free Sells Books

The results of Free

You have to scroll down for the salient bits, which I’m certain David Rothman over at Teleread will masterfully analyze and post about at some point [I will post a link to it here when that happens].

How many frikkin times must this happen before the ballpeen hammer of the Internet finally cracks the thick skulls of the print publishing world?

All of you print publishers — have you been contacted by Apple yet for Apple’s ebook effort?

If not, here’s a wake-up suggestion: Why not get on the damned phone and call up Apple and beg beg beg them to do it?!

How sure are you that sales aren’t already draining away due to Google Book Search? Have you had a look there? At least one author was surprised by it! While everyone can read over there for free, people like me — who want legitimate help-writers-pay-their-rent copies are left twisting in the wind and possibly even considering turning to the DarkNet for interim unformatted versions just so we can dump another pound or two of shelved paper!

What part of the words Market Demand do you not yet understand?

I’m telling you lot this right now: If you don’t do it, your writers will. You print publishers will be left in a boutique industry. You’ll be nothing but reprint publishers — of ebooks. And how many employees do you think a big global conglomerate will require to do just that?

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