Nokia: A Brand Of Shit

I can’t believe the absolute gall of those Finns! They’ve actually plastered this ad around in various cities:

This can’t be an anti-Apple ad, as the Flickr file is titled.


It’s actually Nokia’s business strategy of desperation.

Let’s just flash back to my old blog post: Quote Of The Day: Nokia’s Innate Ineptness. Here’s that quote one more time:

When pressed during the Q&A about the striking similarity to the little Cupertino device, Anssi Vanjoki — Nokia’s Executive VP & General Manager of Multimedia — said, “If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride.”

Yeah, keep talking shit, Nokia. And selling it!

See you at the bottom of the death spiral, baby!

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5 Comments on “Nokia: A Brand Of Shit”

  1. mj Says:

    ? That’s actually a Nokia poster? What? I don’t understand. What are they advertising? Eh?

  2. nimbus Says:

    Nokia needs to join Palm…in the sea of worthlessness.

    I give em 4 years…

  3. mikecane Says:

    This site shows other posters too:

    I think I saw the two others. Not the shit one. That made me go for their neck.

  4. nimbus Says:

    Did they really make those posters?

  5. mikecane Says:

    I can’t vouch for the Shit one as I didn’t see it personally. I did see the others in NYC, though, but didn’t stop to see they were from Nokia.

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