NOW Do You Believe In My Persecution?!!?

This is how the day begins for me over at JK on the Run:

Have you now awakened to the total dimensions of evil this man encompasses?!!?

Call Homeland Security! He’s a terror!!

Previously noted terrorism:

Now Kendrick Is Siccing His ADS On Me!
Peer At The Naked Face Of Evil If You Dare!
Badass Batman Smart Car!
I Knew It! Kendrick Bought An iPhone 3G!
James Kendrick: Tech Fiend Ultimate!
James Kendrick Is Just So Toast!
I Knew Kendrick Had A Web Of Sub-Fiends!
I Am Surrounded By Assassins!
JK on the Run: The Secret Transcript!
Giant Kendrick Terrorizes World! Flee!
James Kendrick: Merciless Fiend!
James Kendrick Starts His Day As Usual
The Net Is Full Of Tech Fiends
I Take Time Out To Torment James Kendrick
Oh, NOW He Believes Me!
James Kendrick’s Brain: Fail!

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