TechCrunch Wants Your Slave Labor

We Want A Dead Simple Web Tablet For $200. Help Us Build It.

The gall of Arrington on this one.

Arrington: I want a web tablet. Waaah!

Goon Techie: I’ve specced it out. $700.

Arrington: Too much! Waaah!

Goon Techie: Cost of finished materials are only $200.

Arrington: Wait. I’ve got an idea …

Everyone who “contributes” — just tattoo Sucker on your forehead. I’d like to know who you are from far away. So I can get my pitch for your free free free labor all ready.

This is not a Dream. It is not a Vision.

It is Robbery.

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8 Comments on “TechCrunch Wants Your Slave Labor”

  1. Bob Keyes Says:

    It’s not robbery. You’re exaggerating. I’d be happy to contribute some personal labor towards such a project, if it were competently and honestly run. I have some of skills needed to make this thing a reality. The biggest problem, as i see it, is the lack of Arrington’s response to his suggestion. Anyone who is interested in this, contact me, email address is my first name at xa dot net.

  2. Aaron Says:

    What ever happened to this? I started a Google Group for organization and a few people signed up. I have a day job so I haven’t been able to dive into this head on, but I think the movement is big enough to start a community based project. No messages have been sent out yet, but if anyone wants to join:

  3. mikecane Says:

    >>>It’s not robbery. You’re exaggerating.

    Let’s see … all the hardware makers will be making a profit. The software makers? Nothing. Robbery in my book.

  4. Stephen Paul Weber Says:

    The software designers will be making having the tablet.
    The hardware designers likewise.
    Hardware makers charge and will have a profit.
    There’s not such thing as software “makers”.

  5. mikecane Says:

    If the best you can do to justify people being enslaved is quibble about semantics, you’ve already lost the argument. FAIL! Next!

  6. SteveL Says:

    “justify people being enslaved”

    Yes, because people offering their time up for a project they would like to see come to pass is slavery.

    Last time I checked, there was a difference between volunteer work and slavery. The main one being, people volunteer because they want to, not because they are forced to. Unless of course everyone who posted there is now being held hostage somewhere, working on this tablet.

    The point is moot anyway. TechCrunch obviously was never going to go through with this.

  7. mikecane Says:

    Hey, people are free to make themselves slaves. Just don’t cry about how Arrington got richer off of their free free free labor.

    TechCrunch probably found out it wasn’t possible — or that they were asking for slave labor.

  8. Giovanisp Says:

    no, probably they found someone with money really interested, signed a NDA and now work in secret ’till launch…

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