Blog Notes: Another Day In Windows XP Hell

This is how the damned day has been starting every day:

I just love adding another two-to-three minutes at the start of every XP session. How absolutely stupid and brain-damaged of me to think that after waiting at least two minutes for the decrepit OS to boot up that I could start work immediately!

The performance of this system has turned to absolute shit in the past week.

Microsoft’s pack of test-passing weenies have been told this over and over by others!

I’m going to have to drop out of blogging again today because of this crap. And look what I just found!

What the hell is that?!!?

Something is eating my CPU cycles, dammit!

Something that’s slipped by both Spybot and avast!

I’m off to battle and murder this son of a bitch.

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2 Comments on “Blog Notes: Another Day In Windows XP Hell”

  1. ClapSo Says:

    I’m having the same prob! microsoft sucks!

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


    It’s absolutely true! that is just what microsoft has been putting me through, i’ve tried to
    upgrade 3 times and every time on the reboot (screwed over again and again) i get
    nothing but a black screen, can’t go safe-mode, can’t do squat…this must be the 5th
    time i had to re-install my windows os from scratch…SABOTAGE, ABSOLUTELY!
    i can’t even go in to how much is wrong with my pc now nothing works right any more,
    my computer worked just fine until i went online, thats when my troubles began, and
    now i can’t even install something as easy as adobe READER…

    yes there is nothing like feeding the hand that bites you…i now have a new purpose in
    life…HATING and HURTING you microsoft (MICRO-SHIT)…so i copied my friends
    windowsxp installation cd, SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all i did…YOU SUCK!

    Watch out!, microsoft fights MAJOR-HARD, MAJOR-MEAN……..and for what?

    pennies……………………………….signed:SABOTAGED BY MICROSOFT……

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