Michael Savage Laughed Out Of Court

Judge tosses Savage’s suit against Islamic group

In her ruling Friday, U.S. District Judge Susan Illston said people who listen to a public broadcast are entitled to use excerpts for purposes of comment and criticism. She also said no evidence was presented to show that advertising on the show’s broadcast was affected by CAIR’s actions.

A judge who believes in Fair Use!


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Michael Savage, Crybaby

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One Comment on “Michael Savage Laughed Out Of Court”

  1. Tony Kondaks Says:

    For anyone who loves freedom, the defeat of the Savage lawsuit is a cause for celebration.
    Savage hookwinked us all by telling us that this lawsuit was a cause for free speech. Yeah, it was about free speech but it was CAIR’s free speech that was being infringed, not Savage’s. Indeed, if Savage had prevailed, first amendment rights would have lessened for all of us.
    America is such a great country that we even extend free speech to questionable organisations like CAIR.
    Michael Savage is an ENEMY of free speech:

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