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Free eBook: Dr. Weston A. Price

August 31, 2008

At Project Gutenberg Australia, they have Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Dr. Weston A. Price. Subtitled, A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects, it’s guaranteed to be unlike any other book you’ve ever read.

It’s only available as on-screen HTML. But don’t worry about that for now. What I want you to do is scroll down and stop and see and read all 100+ of the photographs. Such as these two:

You’ll want to read it. It’s a masterpiece.

I previously mentioned this book in Your Gums Can Kill You.

Nanotechnology Toothpaste?

August 31, 2008

Yeah, WTF? When the term “nanotechnology” is used, I think nanites. Little biomechanical buggers programmed to carry out a basic task then self-destruct and exit via urination.

In chemistry, it has another meaning.

And that’s apparently the one used to tout Swissdent, an allegedly-gentle daily-use whitening toothpaste:

The invention: Nanoxyd®

In the development of the active substance Nanoxyd® Dr. Velkoborsky used state-of-the-art technologies.
‘The tinier the active substance used, the easier it gets into places where it is intended to develop its effect.’

The calcium peroxide used in miniature form even penetrates into the tiniest of gaps and the interdental spaces, ensuring effective bleaching. Thanks to nano technology, SWISSDENT is able to generate an ideal result for your teeth with a small amount of bleach (0.1%), also permitting an extremely gentle and soft use. All Swissdent products have been clinically tested and can be used daily like conventional toothpaste.

Apparently, some of these will be using a dental remineralization technology called NovaMin. (There’s an impressive photo demo there.)

NovaMin represents a breakthrough in oral healthcare with superior tooth remineralization technology, nourishing your teeth with essential minerals in their rare ionic form, and supercharging the natural tooth remineralization that keeps your teeth looking and feeling healthy.

NovaMin is a made from the same bioactive material used in the most advanced bone regeneration material, which is available only to surgeons and has been used in over a million successful surgeries. This material has now been adapted for use in everyday oral care products to revitalize your teeth – producing teeth that are less sensitive, cleaner, whiter and healthier than possible with old technologies like fluoride.

Apparently one of this NovaMin-containing products has been marketed in the U.S. under the name Oravive.

NovaMin is apparently based on Bioglass.

Reference: Closing In On Telomerase

August 31, 2008

Landmark study opens door to new cancer, aging treatments

Researchers have attempted for more than a decade to find drugs that shut down telomerase — widely considered the No. 1 target for the development of new cancer treatments — but have been hampered in large part by a lack of knowledge of the enzyme’s structure.

The findings, published online August 31 in Nature, should help researchers in their efforts to design effective telomerase inhibitors, says Emmanuel Skordalakes, Ph.D., assistant professor in Wistar’s Gene Expression and Regulation Program, who led the study.

“Telomerase is an ideal target for chemotherapy because it is active in almost all human tumors, but inactive in most normal cells,” Skordalakes says. “That means a drug that deactivates telomerase would likely work against all cancers, with few side effects.”

Previously here:

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Rhonda Byrne’s Law Of Greedy Attraction

August 31, 2008

The secret of Rhonda’s success

[Rhonda Byrne’s] lawyers had just sued two of the very people who were instrumental in launching her book and film The Secret to phenomenal success. Drew Heriot, the Australian director of the movie, and Dan Hollings, an Arizona internet consultant whose “viral marketing” helped propel Byrne to global fame via Oprah, had both been demanding that Byrne pay them a share of the estimated $US300 million ($340 million) revenue they claim she’d promised them. In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Byrne’s lawyers had counter-attacked by launching legal actions against both men in jurisdictions far from their homes, a tactic one judge has since described as vexatious and harassing.

This is no surprise.

— via Get Happy, Be Happy, Stay Happy

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Sweden: Jumbo Jet Hostel

August 31, 2008

Jumbo jet hostel rolls into place near Arlanda

The opening of the world’s first jumbo jet youth hostel moved step closer on Thursday when a Boeing 747 was towed a few kilometres from Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.

I wonder what the inside will look like. I also wonder how many toilets and showers it will have — and what the air quality will be like.

The $2.00 Portrait Project

August 31, 2008

The $2.00 Portrait Project (Flickr)

Earlier this week I decided that I was going to start a new project. I’m calling the project $2 portraits and the project works like this. From this week going forward until the day that I die I am going to offer $2 to anyone who asks me for money in exchange for their portrait. While I’m taking their portrait I’m going to ask their name and try to learn a little bit about them. I plan on doing this for the rest of my life — assuming that I can afford to.

To make things easier I’m putting $2 in reserve money in a special place in my wallet so that even if I don’t have change I will always have the $2 to hand over.

In part I’m undertaking this project because I realize that I’ve been avoiding people asking me for money. My biggest motivation behind this project however is simply that I think human interaction is a good thing. I’m not doing this to exploit homeless people or show how hard and bad life can be. I’m doing this because I want to celebrate other human beings as human beings and I think that this commercial transaction gives us an opportunity to engage and interact on a more human level… and I also think that I can take a pretty decent portrait.

— via grow-a-brain

Blog Notes: Bookmark Resectioning

August 31, 2008

The Bookmarks page was becoming difficult to edit so I broke it into two sections:

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That second page is waaay overdue in being updated and I might never get it up to date by the time this blog is euthanized on the last day of this year.

Bookmarks now better reflects the interests of this blog, with a reduction in gadget news. More fine-tuning still needs to be done.

Today’s Must-Read: New Orleans

August 31, 2008

As a second terrifying storm bears down on it, it’s important to remember the effects of the first one are not yet over.

New Orleans Is An American City

New Orleans is an American city. Her porches fly American flags, just like porches in Peoria. Each morning her children say the Pledge of Allegiance, just like children in Boise.

— via Warren Ellis

Gerry Anderson: Thunderbirds, Next Generation?

August 30, 2008

The Sun’s headline — though slapped with Exclusive! — is rather premature:

Thunderbirds are back!

Creator Gerry Anderson told TV Biz he was in talks to buy back the show rights from ITV, 32 years after it was axed.

But he is considering ditching the iconic marionettes for computer-generated imagery (CGI). Gerry, 79, said: “I’d do a series of tests.

“One would be in keeping the same characters but making the series in CGI, making everything photo-real.”

But the Tracy family and pals like Brains and Lady Penelope may stay as puppets, modified by computer wizardry for hi-tech action scenes with the Thunderbirds fleet.

Gerry said: “Another way would be to make the puppets in CGI in a way that they looked exactly as they did in the original show.

“They would be able to do everything a human being can do so the action would be much more exciting.”

I think everyone who is in love with the series would chant, “Puppets! Puppets! Puppets!”

However, in that BBC 4 radio interview, Gerry termed them “goddamn puppets.”

He was never fond of them due to their movement limitations and other problems they caused during production (imagine having to wait for a string to be redone or strings to be unsnagged!).

I’ve addressed the issue of a remake earlier, here: BBC Four: All About Thunderbirds.

There have already been three CGI Thunderbirds attempts:

The Original Thunderbirds Atrocity — allegedly all-CGI, it’s just All Wrong.

Someone At Carlton Must Pay For This Atrocity — Brains is used in an ad. This is a mixture of puppetry (string and rod) and CGI. It just makes me queasy every time I watch it.

Thunderbirds Used In New UK TV Ad — this is difficult to analyze. There is CGI in it, but still frames would lead one to believe there are actual marionettes. However, the strings could be fake, added digitally in post!

There is much more I want to write about this, but it’s a very big thing.

If Gerry Anderson or someone who knows him should come across this post, the one thing I absolutely must say right now is this:


August 30, 2008

I am not making this up. Look who is on Twitter:

And look what he’s tweeted:

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