Blog Notes: Bandwidth From Hell

All day I’ve been experiencing the worst bandwidth.

I don’t know if the cable modem is melting or if the eejits at Time Warner are throttling my connection because I have a BitTorrent going.

It’s a BitTorrent I have a legitimate research reason to undertake.

And if they’d give me my full damned bandwidth, it’d be over with in one day instead of the seven days they’re dragging it out to be!

I haven’t had time to, for instance, get on Veoh and download interesting things, so it’s not like I’ve been sucking on the pipe for anything other than daily WWW.

There should be a Hammer button on all keyboards. Press it and a nice pop-up list comes up. At the top I’d have my ISP. And when I select them, someone over there gets popped on their skull with a ballpeen hammer.

Yeah, now that’s customer feedback, baby!

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