Writer Larry Beinhart’s Salvation Boulevard

Larry Beinhart is the happy passionate madman writer behind the novel American Hero, which became the basis for the movie Wag the Dog (it was a veeeeery loose interpretation of the book!). He has a new novel coming out that’s already been optioned for the movie screen.

It’s called Salvation Boulevard and I’m just going to quote what Larry sent me in email:

The corpse is an atheist professor, the accused is an Islamic foreign student, the defense attorney is a Jewish lawyer, the investigator is a born again Christian. The mystery is God.

Yeah, that made me catch my breath and made my spine tingle!

Larry also sent along a bunch of reader quotes and even the Publishers Weekly starred review (scroll down). It’s been getting a lot of attention and buzz.

Larry Beinhart will be at the New York City Partners and Crime bookstore for a signing on September 9th. I met him there at a previous signing and he’s been nice enough to put up with my irregular emails ever since.

The p book will be published in September — and I hope the ebook version will be available then too. (But, Larry, so far none of your work is in ebook form! You must fix that!)

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