Blog Notes: Connection Problems

This is the usual time of year when either the router or the cable modem gets fried.

It might have happened to the router.

I don’t have time yet to futz around with diagnosing the issue, so I’m running right into the cable modem just to be able to get on the Net. But even that had a problem as at one point the up and down throughput both went down to absolute zero.

A call with possible screaming is in order to Time Warner Cable later today.

My legitimate research torrent only netted a little over 100MB overnight. That is shockingly and disturbingly bad. I had expected — and by right of minimal connection speed — should have netted at least eight times that. In fact, if I was getting the full throughput TW claims this connection is, the damned torrent would have been completed in one day. If they’re throttling, it’s to their disadvantage as I intend to stay on the damned torrent until completion. How stupid of them to let it play out for a week or more when it could have been done and over with!

While I catch up on things and prepare for later battle with Time Warner, you can amuse yourself with an item in the next post.

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