eBook Signings: The Postcard Solution?

The Life of a Publisher blog — which I’ve added to my Bookmarks — had a post I read this morning that stuck in my mind: The Wonders of Book Promotion

Hopefully there are many authors and writers, perhaps even other publishers reading this. I would be curious to know what your favorite form of book promotion is and how you use it.

I am not fishing for ideas, okay, maybe a little, but to make it fair, I will cough up my own favorite.

I am a fiend for post cards. I get them in groups of 100 from Vista Print using their FREE OFFERs and then I use them to mail to libraries and stores. I have heard tons of people say that post cards are a waste of money, but I disagree.

I always put the cover on the front, as big as it can go, and then the facts on the back. Does this work? For me it does. I almost always see a rise in sales after I’ve done a mailing or two. The key is to make certain you tell the viewer WHERE they can buy the book. And no matter what some say, I always include Amazon.com, because it is one of our best sales venues.

I liked that idea. I’ve often picked up postcards with book covers on them (attention Seth Godin: a book cover postcard is a souvenir!).

I’ve often wondered what a book signing would be like when there is no book to sign, because the book is an ebook on someone’s device (iPhone, iPod Air, Sony Reader, Amazon — god forbid! — Kindle).

This seems to me to be a great solution: A postcard with the book’s cover on it. The author can sign the back of it.

Works for me. What about everyone else?

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One Comment on “eBook Signings: The Postcard Solution?”

  1. Ebook-only authors have been using postcards and bookmarks for years for this purpose, and may have spawned an entire hobby of postcard/bookmark collectors.

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