I Sic Stephen Fry On An ABBA Hater

Abba: no thank you for the music

I hate Abba. I hated them first time around, when their cheesy disco pop with its clod-hopping rhythms and banal, repetitive, linguistically challenged choruses made them singalong family favourites. And I hate them even more now, when the flattening effect of nostalgia has lent a spurious retro-credibility to their formulaic Euro drivel.

Grrrr. I don’t like that kind of talk.

Let’s see what a man of accomplishment, a man of distinction, a man who has written books, has to say. I call Stephen Fry to testify:

Stephen Fry talks about ABBA

Right. That’s all settled then.

Now let’s bring back the puppets!

ABBA – Last Song(2004)

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