Quote: Seth Godin

Update: See below.

The 21st-Century Writer

Seth Godin, marketing expert and author of Survival Is Not Enough and Free Prize Inside, contends that that future is already here. “The book is a souvenir,” he excitedly told his Monday morning audience. “Once you realize you’re in the souvenir business, you’ll play by different rules.”

Godin is a marketeer shilling his ideas.

He’s not an artist.

Writers do not create souvenirs, you eejit.

Update: After scourging Godin over this, I’ve come to embrace it. I’ve realized that it’s the best damned thing for writers. We direct publish our eBooks, get the majority of profit, and the dying dinosaurs of print are granted limited licenses to issue printed souvenirs of our work to their fast-shrinking market.

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One Comment on “Quote: Seth Godin”

  1. Seth Godin Says:

    Well, I don’t think of myself as an eejit.

    Artists sell souvenirs too. That’s why an original costs so much more than a print. It’s why a first edition costs more than a hardcover costs more than a paperback costs more than an ebook.

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