Setting Twitter Followers Straight

EchelonPress Why do people think it is okay to talk like a gutter mouth on Twitter when they know there are kids? This is why kids have so many problems! 10 minutes ago from web

mikecane @EchelonPress Any kid who is getting my feeds should get the hell off now. 7 minutes ago from TwitterFox in reply to EchelonPress

blogbooktours @EchelonPress I don’t follow a gutter mouth anywhere! :) You would think they’d figure that out. Want respect? Act right. 2 minutes ago from web in reply to EchelonPress

mikecane @blogbooktours Feel free to not follow me. Won’t miss you. 10 minutes ago from TwitterFox in reply to blogbooktours

mikecane Attention Twitter Followers: From time to time I will use words like Fuck. If that offends you, Fuck Off Now. Children & Christians: GO! 7 minutes ago from TwitterFox

Give me a break. This blog’s URL is prominent in my Twitter profile. If you come here and see language you don’t like, what makes you think I’ll use other words in Twitter?

Go join Net Nanny and his eejitastic sticker campaign.

And kids aren’t screwed up because of bad words. Try bad parents first.

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2 Comments on “Setting Twitter Followers Straight”

  1. ramin Says:

    You really need a separate category for these kinds of posts. ‘Other’ seems so generic.

    Maybe something like, I don’t know: Fuck.

  2. mikecane Says:

    I was making an honest effort to go cleaner than the first blog. But the world I’ve been living in has gotten even dirtier since. So, goddammit, I must use radioactive language. But I’m trying to be restrained. I wasn’t in the prior blog!

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