Writer John Scalzi Gives An E Vs. P Lesson

“After the Coup” Numbers

I’ve been asked a few times by curious folks whether I knew how many people have looked at “After the Coup” since it went up on Tor.Com two weeks ago. As it happens I do, but I needed to get permission to share the numbers. Now I’ve gotten that permission, so I can tell you that as of about 6pm this evening, Sunday, August 3, 2008, the “After the Coup” page on Tor.Com has been hit […]

Go to his site for the figure and comparisons to some figures Warren Ellis recently published.

(BTW, put me down as one of those non-buyers of the SF print digests. I always detested the rough skeevy paper they were printed on. I made a few exceptions for issues devoted to writers I liked. I did buy Twilight Zone magazine, but I doubt that’d count in the category, being horror, not SF.)

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