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Microsoft’s Deliberate PC Sabotage

August 5, 2008

This is not my imagination. It’s not malware. The very same thing happened to me on a prior PC that ran Windows 98. As Microsoft pushes out anonymous Updates, the PC gets slower and slower and slower until finally one Update produces the Kill Shot: video playback drops dead.

This is what it was like moments ago, trying to watch the Vimeo FLV posted by the MagicPad people. Viewing it online was so bad, I used Download Helper to put it on my hard drive. These screensnaps from vlc reflect the abysmal quality of video playback on this PC now. All due to Microsoft.

And then Microsoft wonders why they’re hated? And wonders why people won’t touch that pile of bloated overwrought shit called Vista? And why Macintosh sales keep improving? And why people are stripping Windows XP off the MSI Wind to replace it with Apple’s Mac OS X?

Hey, Microsoft: Drop dead right back at you!

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Blogger Outage

August 5, 2008

I didn’t read the notice they sent out. But I knew it would begin at 4PM PSDT (which is now ESDT). I just don’t know for how long.

I hate having to play catch-up with posts between the blogs.

There’s a big WordPress post that I somehow didn’t get over to the Blogger backup blog that I have to insert in there.

Google News Alerts Is A Trap!

August 5, 2008

I’m glad to see even “the big guys” can get tripped up by that near-worthless system:

Note to self: Apparently, Google Alerts sometimes sends old stuff so be more careful next time.

YahooMail Is Berserk

August 5, 2008

I’m getting emails bounced back to me that shouldn’t be.

MacSurfer and Polt, I can’t contact you!

If anyone has emailed me and had it bounce back, leave a Comment or a Twitter.

Twitter Truth

August 5, 2008

I’m still battling vestigial lust for the Sony Reader, however. Because it can now do eBooks from the NY Public Library! That’s something unlikely to happen on an iPhone (or even iPod Air) for quite some time — if ever.

Reference: BitTorrent Tips

August 5, 2008

uTorrent Developer Shares BitTorrent Speed Tips

Cap the upload speed

Limiting your upload speed is by far the most important suggestion, and was also mention by Olivier Chalouhi in our previous BitTorrent speed guides. The rationale behind it is simple. Your connection is a tube (sort of), if you max out the upload capacity, the tube gets clogged.

Slapping my forehead!

On a 3.7GB torrent download, I’ve already uploaded 7.2GB of data to others! They’ve been getting it sometimes three-to-four times the speed of my downloading!

I’ve now limited the upload speed. And I’ve seen my download speed double as a result.

I’m Already A Twitterholic

August 5, 2008

I’ve now gone so far as to go to Twitterfeed to create RRS-to-Twitter feeds of sites that don’t offer such direct-to-Twitter options.

I’m trying to find a way not to have many tabs open because Microsoft has managed — through its anonymous Updates — to bring this PC back in time to Windows 98-like dysfunctionality.

If your site or blog doesn’t offer a Twitterfeed, think about offering one.

I haven’t done one for this blog. Show of hands: Should I?

Update: I created about twenty. Then had to kill them. They were being sent to me under my Twitter name instead of the source name. TwitterFox wouldn’t alert me because of that. I also worried others were being bombed by them.

Print Is Dead. So Is Print Culture.

August 5, 2008

That’s something that really needs to be discussed too. It’s not just the very idea of inked pressed onto the sliced corpses of dead trees. It’s the entire notion of a print culture. There are things on the Internet that would never, ever find investors for print versions. Yet they thrive online — with advertising!

I’ve read hand-wringing by the pearl-clutchers and future-fearers, who try to hang onto their slim spot on the melting melting melting iceberg of print by positing the future will see the rise of “curators,” who will sift through and separate the Worthy from the Unworthy.

Guess what, you retarded eejits? There is no longer a notion of Unworthy! Everything gets on the Net. There is finally Something For Everybody. Your insipid snooty-nosed idea of what’s Worthy is dead.

Your mindset of gatekeeping is gone. The Berlin Wall fell. The Berlin Wall in your minds needs to fall too.

I should do a kind of formal post about all of this, but no time right now. All this prelude was ignited by the news that Playgirl is ceasing print publication and will now live only on the Net.

Personally, I think it will quickly drop dead on the Net. It belongs to the obsolete world of dead print culture.

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iPod Touch: Less Than A Poor’s Man iPhone!

August 5, 2008

Michael Connick has an excellent post called How Much Better is an iPhone than an iPod Touch?

It confimed my nagging doubts about settling for an iPod Touch instead of waiting for an iPhone 3G.

This part especially reawakened old wounds:

First of all, the constant connectivity provided by the iPhone 3G is simply a huge boon to me. No longer am I having to find WiFi hotspots to get connected to the Internet. No longer do I ever find myself stranded from an Internet connection.

Oh my God. It brought back the nightmares of using that piece of crap from Finland! Standing outside in the freezing frostbite-inducing winter wind trying to coax an important website up via WiFi is more torment than any human being should have to suffer.

The camera also matters. So too does the GPS capability.

Connick’s right: Go for the iPhone!

A Spot Of Cable Trouble

August 5, 2008

Threw me offline for about 3 hours.

All sorted now.

Nothing like sitting here and suddenly seeing the bandwidth fall to absolute frikkin zero!

It was never the Router. Poor thing got blamed for nothing.

Lots of catch-up to do now. Damned lots!