iPod Touch: Less Than A Poor’s Man iPhone!

Michael Connick has an excellent post called How Much Better is an iPhone than an iPod Touch?

It confimed my nagging doubts about settling for an iPod Touch instead of waiting for an iPhone 3G.

This part especially reawakened old wounds:

First of all, the constant connectivity provided by the iPhone 3G is simply a huge boon to me. No longer am I having to find WiFi hotspots to get connected to the Internet. No longer do I ever find myself stranded from an Internet connection.

Oh my God. It brought back the nightmares of using that piece of crap from Finland! Standing outside in the freezing frostbite-inducing winter wind trying to coax an important website up via WiFi is more torment than any human being should have to suffer.

The camera also matters. So too does the GPS capability.

Connick’s right: Go for the iPhone!

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