Microsoft’s Deliberate PC Sabotage

This is not my imagination. It’s not malware. The very same thing happened to me on a prior PC that ran Windows 98. As Microsoft pushes out anonymous Updates, the PC gets slower and slower and slower until finally one Update produces the Kill Shot: video playback drops dead.

This is what it was like moments ago, trying to watch the Vimeo FLV posted by the MagicPad people. Viewing it online was so bad, I used Download Helper to put it on my hard drive. These screensnaps from vlc reflect the abysmal quality of video playback on this PC now. All due to Microsoft.

And then Microsoft wonders why they’re hated? And wonders why people won’t touch that pile of bloated overwrought shit called Vista? And why Macintosh sales keep improving? And why people are stripping Windows XP off the MSI Wind to replace it with Apple’s Mac OS X?

Hey, Microsoft: Drop dead right back at you!

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15 Comments on “Microsoft’s Deliberate PC Sabotage”

  1. Jono Says:

    All part of Microsoft’s plan. All part of their plan…

    Pity it isn’t working any more.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Their Master Plan was always, “A computer in every home, all running nothing but Microsoft software.”

    It astounds me daily that this is company that brags about how bright you have to be to get into it (those infamous Questions!), yet they are in fact one of the dumbest corporations in tech history.

  3. Sam Says:

    Works for me both in Firefox and IE as well as when downloading the FLV and I am running Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

    Never have had any problems playing FLV at all :)

    • BOB Says:

      Are you stupid? He was talking about XP. If anything you helped make his point. You see they need to sabotage XP so that we will all be forced to buy a new system with Vista. This is the only way they will make money. If they did not kill XP we could all use XP for the rest of our lives. Vista can not do a single thing that XP can’t, or rather couldn’t do, before they purposefully killed it.

  4. mikecane Says:

    @Sam: See, posts like yours are a pill. I don’t care what *your* experience is. WTF does that have to do with *mine*? If *I* have a stomachache, does it do me any good for you to bray that you *don’t*? Think, McFly! Think!

  5. Rico Says:

    “@Sam: See, posts like yours are a pill. I don’t care what *your* experience is. WTF does that have to do with *mine*? If *I* have a stomachache, does it do me any good for you to bray that you *don’t*? Think, McFly! Think!”

    WTF does your experience have to do with his or anyone else who’s not having the problems you’re having with your setup? Wow but you’re stupid! The only one here that needs to “Think, McFly! Think!” is you.

  6. Ben Says:

    If your too stupid to use something, stop using it if you are inept at gathering knowledge and information on how to use it properly, rather than call a piece of software that has hundreds of millions of dollars, and tens of thousands of man hours poured into R&D, a piece of crap.

    Apple and Microsoft are two completely different companies, catering to two completely different needs/platforms, and have merits in all respects.

    If you cant extend your brain beyond bashing software you dont understand/comprehend, you obviously shouldn’t own it.

    Your just another MAC/PC flamer. My defending either platform is completely irrelevant; But the lack of knowledge imbued in your sub-par rant/rave/post/blog is evident.

  7. mikecane Says:

    Hey, Microsofties. Feeling the ground shake beneath your feet? Soon it will open and swallow you malevolent fuckers. Your company is monopolistic FAIL. Die, you pack of overrated cunts!

  8. Lee Says:

    I started having issues with XP here recently using a dell Dimension series system. all was going well until the lates updates that started causing my system to mall function and other things.

    At first I thought it was something wrong with m PC. so I dumped the system. and reloaded to update again only to have the same issues.

    I finally did something, I loaded the software with no updates and it ran fine, Updated and issues happened.

    I finlay got ticked and loaded LINUX :) I am happy now, I only use a 40 gig hdd fr windows xp with no updates and it has no conection to the net. I will finish editing my vids and then it will be “Good bye” MS, I have put up with you and you updates for too long.

  9. mikecane Says:

    I’m too married to XP right now. But thanks for validating my own experience that Updates sabotage XP!

  10. microsoft has sabotaged XP and Windows2000. My wife got a Compaq PC from the Microsoft Refurbishing program. Open it the first time, it says register click here. We register at the MS site. It finishes by saying you have urgent security updates which you must download now. Click to download, and the machine goes into permanent explorer.exe error with no desktop ever again, no control panel, no shutdown switch. Cannot perform even the first user action. This is strictly microsoft doing it to microsoft. Can’t blame user ineptitude for that.
    I have been using all the windows products for 15 years because the software i must use for work is only available for Win. Windows has shifted my drive letters without telling me, so i once reformatted the wrong drive, just after plugging in a second drive. Windows has gone terminal for at least 9 reimagings, and MS “repair” feature is itself fatal to all of one’s work. Been that way since 1996 or earlier, never fixed. Even the well paid certified MS technicians readily admit to and avoid that.
    For the 2009 Norton virus protection it says you must have sp2 on your XP. Fine. but MS has withdrawn all sp2 availability. Only sp3 is now available. So i download sp3. Blam, the entire operating system is trashed. Re-imaged 3 times, same result. It doesn’t matter whether it is intended or not, the effect is to sabotage all earlier products to force people onto vista.
    So now i am on Ubunu, and very happy with it. The ‘box’ runs win programs.

  11. newsstandpromos Says:

    You’re so right. I’m one new client away from ditching my XP machine and going fully mac (my laptop is a macbook). I’ve been faithfully updating my XP machine and there’s no reason why every week the performance gets slower and slower and slower.

    To Ben (although I realize your post was a long time ago) and people like Ben. When people use computers, they should be able to use them without spending hours and hours pouring over manuals, getting updates that are hard to understand or undo.

    Go ahead, Ben, and pat yourself on your back about how hard you work and try to understand every little thing that MS and others like them feed you. That’s not how computing is supposed to be.

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  14. John T. Davis Says:

    My Windows XP is sabatoged by it’s own XP security system. It deactivated my Comodo anti-virus and my malware programs where they will not boot up. One program says the “platform is not available” where these progroms worked fine just eariler. This Windows XP sabatoge turned off my firewall and virus protection and will not allow me to turn these features back on again. It has dumped a long list of threating viruses and trogen worms into my system and wants at least $69.00 immediately to solve the problem. I don’t have the money now to handle this sudden emergency I feel as if a theif has broken into my apartment and stole my computer. I feel betrated and sabotoged. I’m seeking a way to combat the problem. There is no way in “add and remove programs” to delete this XP security feature to allow the other anti-virus and malware programs to resume operations. Does anyone have a solution?

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