Print Is Dead. So Is Print Culture.

That’s something that really needs to be discussed too. It’s not just the very idea of inked pressed onto the sliced corpses of dead trees. It’s the entire notion of a print culture. There are things on the Internet that would never, ever find investors for print versions. Yet they thrive online — with advertising!

I’ve read hand-wringing by the pearl-clutchers and future-fearers, who try to hang onto their slim spot on the melting melting melting iceberg of print by positing the future will see the rise of “curators,” who will sift through and separate the Worthy from the Unworthy.

Guess what, you retarded eejits? There is no longer a notion of Unworthy! Everything gets on the Net. There is finally Something For Everybody. Your insipid snooty-nosed idea of what’s Worthy is dead.

Your mindset of gatekeeping is gone. The Berlin Wall fell. The Berlin Wall in your minds needs to fall too.

I should do a kind of formal post about all of this, but no time right now. All this prelude was ignited by the news that Playgirl is ceasing print publication and will now live only on the Net.

Personally, I think it will quickly drop dead on the Net. It belongs to the obsolete world of dead print culture.

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One Comment on “Print Is Dead. So Is Print Culture.”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    The world of print is certainly rapidly evolving–radical changes ahead, right up there with the time when that Gutenberg fella wheeled his printer out of his garage and decided to fire it up for a spin. Personally, I’m not worried about the future of the book–good writers will always prevail and bibliophiles will be reading one way or the other. If you wanna keep people reading, publish books worth their attention span. If more publishers understood that, maybe we wouldn’t be having discussions like this one…

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