Damn The LifeDrive

I’ve been sitting here the past few moments considering why I’ve not been doing the kind of posts I need to do and why that is.

And I’ve decided it’s all the fault of that damned used LifeDrive I bought off ebay a while back.

I bought it thinking that because it was color, it’d be easier to read. In sunlight, it isn’t.

I thought it being more powerful would equal more use. It hasn’t. I’ve had to graft Classic Graffiti into it and have at least 50% recognition errors.

I sat here recalling all the joyful minutes of happily Graffiti-ing away in my old underpowered monochrome Sony CLIE S320. How, despite its limitations, I really really used the hell out of that thing.

The LifeDrive came in handy initially for its ability to play video. But that got boring after a while. (As it should!)

The LifeDrive never became the note-taking and outright writing machine I envisioned it to be.

So I’ve just dragged the old CLIE out of the drawer and will see if a transfusion of electrons overnight will bring it back to life in the morning.

I’ve written entire articles on my old Palm III and this CLIE using nothing but Graffiti.

I can barely enter a line into the Calendar with the LifeDrive!

Statement of my prior eejitcy:

I don’t regret having the LifeDrive. I had to turn on the CLIE S320 briefly to beam over some Memos and was shocked at how slow it was by comparison. I don’t ever want to go back to the CLIE!

Ah, Cane, you moron!

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One Comment on “Damn The LifeDrive”

  1. lifedrivedoc Says:

    Hey Mike,

    I’ve been torn between ditching my Lifedrive and buying a T/X. I have also been looking at an iPhone. My only problem is software. All of the database and medical software is on the Palm side. Nothing even remotely close for the Mac at the moment.

    The T/X is too expensive at 250.00, so I’ve been looking to Ebay to see if I can pick one up on the cheap.


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