The e In eBooks = Everywhere

Is it time to embrace the e-book?

Worthy of several choice quotes:

Two literary professionals put the e-book to the test over the last few weeks, with surprisingly positive results.

“You forget about the technology if the story is good,” says author Naomi Alderman.

“It just becomes invisible.”


While Hughes admits that “there is a visceral quality that you miss with an old book”, it is the question of space that pleases her most.

“I find that my books breed overnight,” she says.

“I can control my environment now. I’m not going to live in this ever-expanding library.”

Emphasis added by me.

Hallejulah! Someone else understands that point!!


But with over 25,000 classic books, whose copyright has run out, available for download from the website Project Gutenburg, Alderman is emphatic about the impact e-books will eventually have.

“They represent a democratisation of literature even more important than the public library,” she says.

Nice one!


“The younger generation have spent their formative years reading from screens. We don’t really know how they are going to react,” says Goss.


Pretty soon, someone will post on their blog somewhere that when their child saw a collection of books called an encyclopedia, the child’s reaction was basically, “WTF?!”

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